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Need Free File Hosting?

Cloudshares offers incredible free file hosting services for everyone! We have the absolute fastest file storage servers on the net that are highly secured using state of the art technology. For our executive premium users we offer speeds that are second to none. Come join us for the fastest, easiest file sharing provider on the net.

CloudShares.net    CloudShares.net

Access your files anywhere you go

Cloudshares offers the best in technology for all of our users. Take advantage of our file storage services on any device from any location.
We have designed Cloudshares so that it is completely device agnostic.
Take Cloudshares with you no matter where you are and no matter what type of device you have.

Safe & Secure Backup

The ability to have a reliable backup these days is almost impossible. Cloudshares offers lightning fast backups for any data type.
Having an amazing amount of data space ready for you for all your files is something we proud ourselves in. Not only
do we offer the fastest speeds, we also offer incredible amounts of space for all your files not just the most important ones.

Sharing Freedom
Free sharing services for all
100% Secure
State of the art security including encryption and antivirus scanning
Fast Sharing
Cloudshares.net is on average 4 times faster than the competition!
Best Pricing
Enjoy the best prices online including our free services no strings attached!
FTP Services
We have incedible FTP services for very large data transfers
Anonymous Services
We do not store or use any personal information period

Backup, before you wish you had.

So what are you waiting for?